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  Real Estate Facts

  • Fact: By using a real estate professional to assist a home buyer locate and purchase a home, the average search time is around 9 weeks and they view about 10 to 12 homes. For home buyers not using a real estate professional the average search time is around 15 weeks and they will view about 20 homes.

  • Fact: 49% of all home buyers start looking for a home before they put their home on the market.

  • Fact: 89% of all homes are sold by a real estate professional

  • Fact: 12% of all homes are sold by owner

  • Fact: When a mortgage company says a buyer is approved, it does not guarantee that the mortgage company will fund the buyer's mortgage for the purchase of your home

  • Fact: Usually someone that is going to sell their own home is trying to save real estate commissions. Usually someone that is looking for a home for sale by owner is trying to buy the home below fair market value. Since this is the case most of the time there is nearly never a winner in thissituation. With a Real Estate agent helping you it is a WIN – WIN situation.

  • Fact: The number one reason someone sells their home on their own is to save on real estate commissions.

  • Fact: Most people who shop for homes for sale by owner are doing so to get a bargain price and buy the home below "fair market value".

  • Fact: If your home is not priced below market value most for sale by owner buyers will not buy your home.

  • Fact: 65% of all homes for sale by owner end up being listed and sold with a real estate professional.

  • Fact: The best opportunity to get top dollar for your home is to expose it to as many ready and willing home buyers as possible.

  • Fact: 85% of real estate sales are a result of a real estate professional's contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family, and personal contacts.

Buying and selling a home is the largest financial transaction most people make during their life. This is why a person should know a few FACTS about buying and selling. If you have determined you need the services of a real estate professional to help you sell or locate and purchase your next home, let Re/Max and myself help you.

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